Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jake's 4th Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had Jake's birthday party. A while back Jake told me he wanted a Thomas the Train birthday party, so that is what we had. It was a very busy day. First that morning we went to another little boy's party. Jake's friend Owen from school had a party that morning and his birthday is the same day as Jake's. We had snacks, cake, colored some Thomas coloring pages and played pin the whistle on Thomas. THe kids seem to have fun and it was great to see all of Jake's good friends, even some from his class.

Thomas with his whistle after the game

Presents and cake

Thomas without his whistle

Jake and his friend Ian

Owen pinning the whistle on Thomas

Cole is one of his friends from school


Jake playing

Anna and Joshua playing and eating

Blowing out the candles

Having some snacks

Ben enjoying some cake

Jake and his cousin Cole

Jake and his cousin Dylan

Opening some gifts

Jake and Emma

Nana reading Jake's card to him

Jake and Jack checking out the neat train book he got from Owen

Ben checking out Jake's trains

Jake and Thomas

Jake with Mimi and Papa.
I completely forgot to get JAke's picture with Mommy and Daddy and any other posed pics.
I guess that is hard to do with 4 year olds.

Happy 4th Birthday to Jake!

Jake turned 4 years old on February 16th. He came into our life 4 years ago at 3:50 pm weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches long. He is such a sweet boy and we love him so much. He is a shy boy that loves to play with cars, trains, and loves throwing the ball. I enjoy staying home with him so much and I am so lucky to be able to attend things at his preschool and I even made cupcakes for him to take to school last week.

This is was on Jake's actual birthday. I made a small cookie cake for him.

THese are the cupcakes I made for his class

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Jam 2010

Last Friday, it snowed in Georgia and we actually got ,about 4 inches, which is a lot for us! It was so beautiful! I took the kids out while Lee was at work to play in the snow and we made a little snowman. Jake wanted to have a snowball fight and I told him he could do that with Daddy. Well, Lee had to work until 6 and it was dark when he got home, so we went out the next day and played some more. It was great snow! It wasn't icy, but very soft fluffy snow and it melted away the next day. Jake loved playing in it and Ben could care less. He just walked around in it for a bit and then said he wanted to go inside.

Here is our snowman or snowkid the next day
I got this free snowman kit from the children's place.
It came with everything from the corn cob pipe to the cute red scarf.
Although his mouth is bigger than his head, it was cute!

This is the backyard on Friday while the snow was coming down

Jake and the snowman

Ben was in the middle of eating a sucker when
we went out and would not let go of it!

Me and the kids the next day. THe snow was already starting to melt

THis is between our house and the neighbors

THe lake out back

Ben going inside!

Valentines Party!

Jake's preschool had their Valentines party last Thursday. They passed out their valentines to each other that morning and then we partied that afternoon. They ate hot dogs, chips, and applesauce, played a game, read a story, and made a craft! I am so blessed that I stay home with my boys and that I can attend these functions at Jake's school. He loves going to school!

THe tables were all decorated!

Here they are getting ready to say the blessing and wash their hands

Here is Jake's heart filled with his valentines

The other side of his Valentine heart