Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Georgia Aquarium

Lee's sister Sarah drove down from Minnesota to visit us this week. Yesterday we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was also our first time there and I was very impressed. It was so nice and the fish were amazing! I made the color different on the picture below using to make it really bright. I thought it looked pretty neat with the colors.
The Family

Aunt Sarah and Jake coloring

Jake pointing out another fish

Sarah and Jake looking at the fish and Rays

You can't see much in this picture, but there is a funny story. Jake was touching the starfish and once he was finished, he decided to get the others looking on a little wet by splashing them. The onlookers were not too thrilled and some didn't even grin. We received some very dirty looks from one man so we walked away and laughed.

The Beluga whales were awesome! There were so interesting to watch. When they swam it seemed like they were dancing.
I love this picture. It looks like the whale came over behind Lee to pose with him.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Standing on my own two feet

After many, many weeks of pulling up to his knees, Ben has finally made it up on his feet! He pulled up on this stool in our kitchen last weekend. He is wearing a pair of Jake's old PJs. The pants kept falling down since they didn't quite fit him yet. I am definitely going to have to watch him closer than Jake. Jake didn't pull up until way after he was one. I was changing his diaper today and looked in his mouth and saw there are two more teeth coming in on the top. We are getting excited about Ben's 1st birthday party this weekend. He is still little, but he is into everything, pulling up on everything and wanting to eat adult food.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A bear that delivers the mail and drives a school bus!

Today for about an hour Jake played mailbear. He sat on the sofa and put his bear in his school bus along with some of our mail. He then kept saying that bear was delivering the mail. I thought it was so cute and I told him to show Lee when he got home so I could get a picture of it.
Another funny thing Jake said tonight that I thought I would share: We were sitting at the table eating dinner and I was telling Ben that he had dimples. Jake heard me and told me "you have nipples too Mommy". Lee and I just cracked up laughing. I asked Jake where my nipples are and he pointed to my face. I told him those are dimples not nipples. The things kids say.

Here is Jake with bear delivering the mail.

Notice the mail in the bus with bear.
Bear sure was busy today. Lee asked Jake if bear delivered the mail in the rain and Jake said no.

St. Simon's Island Vacation redo

Well the photobucket slideshow worked for about a second so I just decided to go ahead put the pictures on here this way. I am too frustrated to try the slideshow thing again for now. We had a great time on our vacation, but it did fly by. We drove down and met Nana in St. Simons and stayed in a cute little house that had its' own pool. We were only minutes from the beach and enjoyed it quite a few times. Ben didn't really care for it the first time and screamed and cried the whole time so that trip to the beach lasted a whopping 30 minutes. We went again another day after it rained all morning and it started to rain again right when we parked at the beach, so we returned to the house. We then had a great day at the beach on Friday afternoon. We also swam in the pool several times. Jake and Ben loved the water. We will need to get them into some swimming lessons next year. Enjoy the pictures!

This is how Ben felt about being on the beach for the first time

Relaxing on the deck

Nana and Jake playing with the fun noodle or as Jake calls it, the fun doodle.

Laying out

This hawk enjoyed the backyard of the house where we stayed.

I can't see! For some reason, Jake liked wearing his hat over his eyes.

Jake and Ben playing on the beach!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A nice surprise!

What a nice surprise! My mom and grandmother go to the same diabetes doctor so after their appointment today they came by to see us. It was great to see my grandmother. I haven't seen her in a while and she looked wonderful! Many of you know that she has been in poor health for the last several months, but seems to be getting much better. Jake had fun seeing Maw Maw and Mimi. Ben, as usual wasn't too happy. He was okay when my mom held him, but when Maw Maw wanted to hold him, he stuck out his bottom lip and cried. This was funny since this was the first time he has ever stuck out his bottom lip. I think his teeth must be hurting too because he was fussy and went to bed at 6:30 tonight. I sure hope he sleeps all night.
Jake and Maw Maw

Here are three generations. My grandmother, Jake, my mom and Ben. Jake is starting to look at the camera more and even tries to smile.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reminiscing with an old friend and making some new ones!

Today was a fun day! Jake, Ben and I went to visit with one of my dear friends and sorority sister from college. I haven't seen Ashlee in a while, but it seemed like old times. Ashlee lives in Cumming, but used to actually live just a few miles from us a few months ago and we never even knew. What a small world! We caught up while Jake and her adorable son Owen played together. Owen just turned 2 at the end of June, so he and Jake are only a few months apart. Then Ashlee made us all lunch and we continued to catch up. Ben got a little fussy and tired so we headed out after a couple of hours. Thanks for a great day Ashlee and I can't wait to get together again.
Ashlee with Owen and Jake. Owen is so sweet. He was putting his hand on Jake's back.

Owen and Jake having fun in the play room

Jake loved playing with the Lightning McQueen race track

Friday, August 1, 2008

Boys will be boys

Ben and Jake have been playing together more lately, except I have to really watch Jake now. One day this week he was pulling Ben by his arm across the floor. Luckily I caught him! Here are a few pics. of them playing on the sofa and Ben in the floor. They are growing so fast. Ben will be a year old at the end of this month. I can't believe it!

Yes, I am a boy! I think the Beatles hair style is coming back.

Ben giving Jake a little brotherly love.

Cute, Cute, Cute

Ben almost falling off the sofa.

The Jumperoo fiasco

This week has been interesting. Lee was off work Wednesday so it was nice to have him home for a day, even though he had to run some errands. On the day he had off, Jake had a what I thought was pretty funny little accident. He was straddling the jumperoo on the side and said he was riding it. A few minutes later we heard a crash and Jake was kind of whinning. I got up to take a look and here is what I saw:

Here is Jake under the jumperoo (notice the feet poking through)

Here he is getting up off the floor.

It made Lee and I laugh so hard. Don't worry Jake wasn't hurt in the taking of these pictures.