Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Potty Training 101

I hope this isn't too much info. Today Jake told me he wanted me to take his potty out of the box. I did and he pretty much carried it around everywhere playing with it. Finally I put it on the floor in the bathroom. Later today he told me he wanted to poopie on the potty, so I took him in the bathroom and he sat on it for about 5 minutes. Then he would get off and back on and so on for about 10 minutes more. I went into the other room to check on Ben and when I returned to the bathroom, Jake said he pee peed in the potty. He stood up and sure enough he peed in the potty. I was so excited. Also, something really funny. The bear he is holding is his favorite and he sleeps with it. I looked everywhere for it this afternoon for his nap and couldn't find it. Then, when he wanted to use the potty, he lifted the lid and there the bear was.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First Tooth!

I thought I would try to get a picture of Ben's first tooth. You have to look closely on the bottom. There is now another one coming through next to that one. He loves to smile at the camera.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our little Men

Ben is getting his first tooth. He is growing so fast. I think he weighs around 16, 17 pounds. He goes to the doctor next month. He is eating well. He has been rolling over from front to back for a while and finally tonight in his bed, he rolled over from back to front. I can't believe how fast things happen. I can see the top of his tooth and definitely feel it. It is on the bottom. Obviously, Ben has been eating lots of orange foods if you check out his nose.

Jake finally got his hair cut this past weekend. It looks so cute and he looks like a little man. I m sure it also feels better since it has been very warm out. We think he is going through the terrible twos. Everything we say, he says the opposite. (ex. I told him tonight it was time to get out of the bath. He said, "time not to get out of the bath") Pretty funny!

Visiting with friends

Last Friday Jake, Ben and I went to visit my friend Jeanette. She has twin boys that are 19 months old. Their names are Cole and Hunter and they now have a little brother Tanner. Tanner is a little over a month old. They are doing well and Jake and the twins had fun playing once they warmed up to each other. Her boys love to climb everything. Jeanette, bless you girl. You have your hands full!

Wearing out Papa!

Well, Jake really tired Papa out yesterday. Papa thought they were just going outside to ride the tricycle, but Jake lured him down to the playground. They were gone for about an hour and a half. Jake's face was so red when they got back. I should have taken a picture, but didn't get to. It has been so nice out lately that he really loves playing outside.