Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cousin Dylan's Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago we went over to my cousin Candice's for her son Dylan's birthday. We had food, cake, and fun! After my grandparents both passed away last year, it is rare that I get to see my cousins. It always meant a lot to me to see my extended family, especially since I am the only child. It is important to me for Jake and Ben to know their cousins. Candice called and asked us to join them to celebrate Dylan's 4th birthday. He is the same age as Jake, so I really want them to know each other even though we live a little far. Dylan loves Transformers, so he had a Transformer cake and even received several for presents. Jake had a great time playing with all of Dylan and Cole's toys. He always enjoys seeing them! Happy Birthday Dylan and thank you for having us over to help you celebrate!

Dylan and his cake

Jake checking out the snacks

Opening presents

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My little Picasso!

I have been telling Jake we would paint on the easel Nana gave him one day while Ben was napping. Those of you that know Ben, know why this is. While Ben was taking a nap today and it was snowing outside, Jake did some painting. His preschool teacher told us he loves to paint! He had quite a few creative stories to go along with his paintings.

Working on the first masterpiece

He is pointing out that in this picture there is Mommy (the green),
Mommy's friend Gina (in the red), and Daddy is the blue.

Here is more of the same picture.
He also told me that I am a little girl in this picture
playing with little girl toys.

A snowy day in Georgia!

We don't see too much snow here in Georgia, but when we do, it is a big deal and we love it! Today we started seeing some snowflakes fall around 2 or so. Jake and Ben went out on the back deck to see it. Later around 5 before it got dark, we bundled up and headed out to play in the snow. I told Jake last night it was going to snow today. I picked him up from school today and he looked out the window and said "Mommy, there isn't any snow". He loves it! Ben didn't get to see it last year, so he enjoyed it today too!

This is the lake behind our house

Jake kept sticking his tongue out to catch some flakes

Jake and Ben heading out
Blue Bear joined us too


Me and the boys
Daddy didn't get to play since he was at work
and doesn't get home until dark

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Well Christmas went as fast as it came! I never knew how much fun Christmas with kids would be. I think I was more excited than them. Ben doesn't usually do too well opening gifts, but he is definitely getting the hang of it. We woke up that morning, ate breakfast, then opened our presents. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays this year and that you have Happy New Year!

Our tree with all the presents

Santa ate his cookies!

Ben opening his Tag junior

Jake showing me his Handy Mandy car that he gets to put together.

Jake really wanted Candy Land
even after he found out it does not come with candy

The boys' Cars Geotrax
This could have been their only present and they would have been happy!
They go straight to it every morning

Checking out his stocking

I wonder what is in here!

Daddy likes Ben's fire truck puzzle

Christmas Day at Mimi and Papa's!

After the kids opened their gifts from Santa and us, we headed over to my parents' house to exhange gifts, eat dinner and spend time with the family. We had a great time!

Lee catching a nap!

Jake opening one of his gifts

Ben and his Little People fire station

My mom with the ornament I made her

Papa with the boys