Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten 2011-2012

I can't believe Jake finished kindergarten already. It just seems like yesterday that the school year started.  HE had an awesome year and made some sweet friends! We are so proud of him.  He did awesome in Math and loves activities with money. He is also reading stories to us at bedtime instead of us to him.  

Jake on the first day of Kindergarten 

Last day of Kindergarten!

At the Kindergarten Luau

 Jake and his teacher Ms. Yeske

 Having ice cream sundaes

 Ben had to have one too!

Jake's other teacher Ms. Klein

Easter 2012

 The boys in front of our azaleas

 Jake and Mimi

 Ben and Papa

 Hunting for Easter eggs at Mimi and Papa's house

We also visited Granny on Easter Sunday

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wild Animal Safari Little White House

During Spring Break we took a little trip to Callaway Gardens, The Little White House and Wild Animal Safari.  It was a great trip!  The first day we, along with my parents went to Wild Animal Safari.  We rented a van and drove through to feed all the animals.  Then we visited the small zoo they had on the grounds.  We saw a Liger, bears, and many other animals.  After that we visited the Little White House and toured the it.  The next day we went to Callaway Gardens and saw the Birds of Prey show.  

The Little White House

 Ben feeding a goat at Wild Animal Safari

Funny Pictures

 Mimi and Papa with the boys