Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve, cookies, reindeer food and a gingerbread house?

On Christmas Eve, my mom and dad came over. Jake, Ben, my mom and I made and decorated cookies. While the cookies were baking and then cooling, we attempted to decorate a gingerbread house. I asked my mom why we never did this when I was younger. Well, after attempting to do it this year, I now know why we didn't make one. All we had to do was put it together with the icing, let it sit, and then add the candy. Sounds easy, right? WRONG!! We first forgot to let it sit so the roof started to slide. We then repaired it and let it sit for a bit before we started decoarting again. One wall then broke and the whole thing went down hill from there. Next year we will try using hot glue and then decorating it! It was fun doing something together on Christmas Eve anyway! Let's just say Ben was happy it fell apart so he could eat it.

The gingerbread house that never was

Mimi and Ben with the house.
Ben was happy he ate the gingerbread Christmas tree

Jake icing the cookies

Some of the finished ones! Martha Stewart has nothing on us!

Ben and I throwing out some reindeer food Jake's teacher sent home

Jake throwing some reindeer food out

Daddy and Jake

Our tree with all the gifts!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jake's Christmas Program

Last Tuesday, Jake's preschool had their Christmas program at the church. It was cute and the funniest thing I have every seen. I mean that in a good way. It takes a really special person to teach preschool kids and even a more special person to teach them songs to sing. Some moments there was quiet singing and other moments there was loud singing, or rather yelling. It was still cute. All the kids were so dressed up and looked so sweet. My pictures all turned out dark and blurry for some reason. The one below is about the best one. There is also a little video below for your enjoyment. I can't remember what song it is exactly, but Jake is in the middle bottom in the dark blue sweater with the green and white strips.

Nana, Hanukkah, and a trip to the Aquarium

The weekend before this past, Nana came for a visit. On Friday we took a trip to the Aquarium. We had a great time, especially since the boys are a little older and enjoyed it even more than last time. Hanukkah started Friday night, so we lit the Menorah and opened a few presents. Saturday was pretty cold and rainy, so we just stayed in for the day and night. Nana gave Ben and Jake an easel. Jake loves to draw and color and has enjoyed thi gift very much! We had a great weekend with Nana!!

Nana and Jake at the Aquarium

Ben taking a rest


Ben loved the alligators and kept saying "Hey crocodile"

Having fun!

Ben walking past the tube. He and Jake kept walking
right past it instead of looking in it

A huge turtle

Jake playing with his easel

Ben in his smock

Ben and Nana

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year was definitely a different Thanksgiving. For as long as I can remember celebrating Thanksgiving, we always went to my Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house for dinner along with my extended family. I am the only child, so this was always a special time for me to see my 19 cousins. My cousin Candice and I would call each other to see what time we were going to Maw Maw's, so we would be sure to see each other. As we grew older, we would call each other to see what we were taking to eat. We lost my grandfather last December and then my grandmother this past June. I really miss celebrating this day at their house, but we all have grown up and now have our own little families too. My other grandmother was sick this year, so we missed seeing them. We went to my parents house to eat dinner and celebrate. I am so thankful I did have all four grandparents in my life for as long as I did and I still have two. Here are a few photos from our wonderful day! Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

The table

Mimi and Ben
The sweater Ben is wearing was made by Nana.
It is so cute! There is an alligator on it.

Playing in Mimi and Papa's yard

My Mom and Dad

Jake and Mimi

Okay people, please tell me to put on some lipstick and maybe a little blush next time!

Ben and Jake riding in their Jeep. Ben is talking on the CB radio

Jake loves to drive!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Early visit with Santa!

This weekend we went to my cousin Candice's house to visit with Santa. He comes a little early every year to check in on little boys and girls. He even brings the good ones a gift. We ate some great food and visited with some of my cousins. It was so nice to see them since it doens't seem as though we get too much since my grandparents passed last year. I am the only child and it was always so nice at the holidays to see all my extended family. Thanksgiving will definitely be different this year and a little sad without Maw Maw and Paw Paw. My friend Gina took some pictures for us this weekend for our Christmas cards this year and for some other surprises, so I am not going to post those just yet. Stay tuned! and you will see them on your card this year too! It was very hard to get a good one with every one cooperating! It was crazy!!

Jake got a Bakugan set from Santa

Ben wants to know where his gift is

Santa with my cousin Russ's boys and my aunt Beverly

All of us with Santa

Mimi and Papa with the boys

Jake giving Santa a goodbye hug

I love this sweet picture of Ben giving Santa a hug

Thanksgiving Feast and performance

Last Thursday Jake's school had their Thanksgiving feast and performance. It was so cute! Lee forgot to get off for it, so Papa tagged along with Ben and I to watch the show and enjoy a feast! Jake and his class made their Indian costumes (yes, I wrote Indian) :) They sang three songs and sang one using their hands only. After the show, the kids came off the stage to meet their parents and eat with them. There was turkey, dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and lots of yummy desserts. I took a couple of videoes and posted one below. Jake is on the back row to the left. He is the one whose headband in almost over his eyes. Guess you don't need to see to sing! I am so thankful that I get to be home with my kids and able to see school performances like these.
Me and my little Indian

The kids made their costumes in their class

Papa and Ben enjoying the show

Jake's class

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Chattahooche Nature Center

Last weekend, it was beautiful outside. My parents called and asked if we wanted to go to the Nature Center. I have not been there in years. They have added more and it was really nice! There were several cages with different animals, nature trails, and a few exhibits inside. I took more pictures of animals, but they didn't turn out too good. Some of the boardwalk trails were closed due to all the rain and flooding we have had lately.

Jake before we headed out on the trail

Lee and Jake crossing the bridge

Mimi and Jake

This beaver was huge!

Papa, Ben, Jake and Lee

Papa and Ben having a rest

The Chattahooche River. It was really high!

Ben loved this fish exhibit.
You could push these buttons to make it light up.
We couldn't get him to leave it.

Ben looking at the possum

A turtle on a log

Papa showing Ben the snake