Monday, December 22, 2008

Dishwasher fun and more crazy hair

Every time I load or unload the dishwasher, Ben comes in the kitchen and plays with it. Well, last night he decided to not only play with it, he played in it! He climbed up onto the door and sat there just looking around and spinning the fan thing (not sure what it is called), but part of the machine. He of course got soaked while doing this, but it was really cute and funny. He is doing great! He still isn't walking, but as most of you know, Jake did not walk until almost 17 months old. He does walk around furniture while holding on. Ben is also saying lots of words. Here are a few: cheese, keys, cat, car, Jake, doggie, cup, tree, uh oh, backpack, thank you, please, and many more that I can't remember right now. We were also excited that he is saying Daddy, but he seems to call everyone that when you ask him who that is except for Jake. He does say Jake when we point to Jake.

This is fun!

You can see his knee is already wet.

Uh oh, how do I get down from here?

Here are more crazy hair pics. It literally looks like this when he wakes up!

Little Einstein


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Girls Night Out!

Last night I got together with some of my small group bible study friends. We ate some yummy Lasagna that Laura's husband Ben made, pizza, homemade cookies, salad, and my oreo balls. Then we chatted and exchanged ornaments. In the picture above is: Jen holding Erica's baby Blaire, Gina, Rose, Erin, Audrey, Laura, Melanie, Stacey, Rose's beautiful daughter Abby who is holding Matney, me and Erica on the floor. It was great to see everyone and catch up!

Here are the oreo balls I made. My friend Cheryl
mentioned them on her blog so I had to try them.

We were all so interested in Erin's new camera. Jen was checking it out!

Laura and Audrey in her hot mama pajamas!

Melanie and Stacey's little girl Matney

Gina, Erin, and Jen

Jen and Erica's little girl Blaire

Audrey, Laura, Melanie, and me

Here is Gina on her 4th ornament. Everyone kept stealing her ornaments.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, Flag Football, and a man in tights?

It seems weird posting about Thanksgiving when I just changed my background to Christmas. Last Tuesday we left for Boston to visit for Thanksgiving. The trip was great, but I really wish it was closer so we could drive. The flight is not very long at all, but this time seemed like it took forever. It was raining when we arrived so there was a delay in between airplanes to land. Ben was quite fussy and tired. He finally fell asleep and slept for about 30 minutes before we landed. Jake did great as always. It was then raining when we returned to Atlanta so we went through the same thing again. Anyway, on Wednesday we went to the Children's museum which I posted about on the next post. I had so many pictures that I really should have made 3 posts rather than 2. We then had Thanksgiving dinner at Nana's friends the Deths. There were Maddie and Dick Deth, Robert, Katie, Jason and Michael Koster and Joshua Berman who is another cousin of Lee's. Sarah couldn't be there since she is all the way around the world in Palau. Dinner was great, even though I was chasing or holding Ben most of the time. It was also very nice to see everyone.

Ben in his cute sweater my friend Kay gave Jake a couple of years ago.

Lee's cousin Jason playing in the floor. The Deths had lots of toys since they have 2 grandchildren of their own.

Jason's brother Michael, Lee, and Nana

Kate and Michael

Jake had a ton of fun with this slinky. Maybe Santa will bring him one.

Michael and Jake with the slinky again

Mr. Deth read some stories to Jake
On Friday, Lee met up with some friends to play flag football with some guys that went to the local high school. These guys graduated a few years ago. They may have been "younger", but by no means better! It was very cold and early! Thanks Aaron! We met at 9am to play and then it begin to rain about an hour and a half later, which made it even colder. I don't think I would have made it as long as I did if Lee's friend Tim wouldn't have been wearing those running tights. Whoa! I think I know what to get Lee for Hannukah this year. It was so much fun to see everyone and their kids. They also won the game! Afterwards, we went to Billy and Fiona's house they just renovated a few months ago. It was beautiful and they even built a fire to heat things up. The kids played in the playroom together and we all had some pizza while everyone caught up with each other.

Fiona, Shane, and Brenna

Here are Aaron, Tim, Lee, and Jesse
Jesse lives in Atlanta too now.
It is pretty sad we had to go all the way to Boston to see him.

Aaron with his game face on

Ben enjoying the cold weather

The Cheerleaders: Me, Jake and Ben, Colleen (Jesse's girlfriend, I think) :), Fiona, Shane, and Brenna, Suzanne (Tim's wife), and their girls.

Lee, Tim in his tight tights, and Jesse

Jake saying cheese along with Tim's girls. Sorry Tim and Suzanne I attempted to spell your girls' names, but had a terrible time. I am usually a good speller too. I need to pull out the old Christmas cards and look. They are all beautiful and it was great to see them.

On Friday night we got together at a bar in Boston with Jesse and Colleen and Tim and Suzanne. Here are Lee, Jesse, and Tim. It was a great trip and I think the first time we got to see all of Lee's friends.

Our last night there, Lee's friend Josh came to visit along with their kids Lyra and Seraphina.

Jake and Lyra looking at the Disney book.

Nana with Jake and Ben

The Boston Children's Museum

On Wednesday in Boston, we went to the Children's museum. It was very nice and the kids had a great time! There was a lot for Jake to do and even a little for Ben.

Jake making bubbles

Nana helping Jake make some bubbles.

Jake was racing golf balls in this neat roller coaster

Jake and Nana playing in the water.
They had ducks and boats you could move around
in the water by turning these wheels to move the jets.

Nana, me, Ben and Jake

I love Jake's face here. He is really concentrating on watching that water fountain.

Ben playing in the pretend pool with a very large duck.

Jake and Ben playing in the toy car.
You could even put gas in it and it made all these neat noises.
Ben doesn't know if his big brother is qualified to drive though.

Jake is cooking up some Thanksgiving dinner.

A view of Boston from the museum

This was a giant milk bottle outside the museum

This is how much fun Jake had at the museum