Friday, January 30, 2009

Reasons we shouldn't buy toys

I meant to post this at Christmas and forgot. Ben had so much fun with this tissue paper at my Granny and Papa's house. One day last week, my mom bought this cube for us to put toys in and Ben had more fun putting himself in it and crawling around.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

15 or rather 16 1/2 month checkup

We had Ben's 15 month checkup last week. He was about 16 1/2 months at the time because I seemed to forget they have a 15 month checkup. I was thinking we had until 18 months. Oh well! Anyway, she said he looked great. He weighed in at a whopping 19.7 and he was a little over 30 inches long. He was in the 29th percentile for height and 1 percentile for weight. He is still little, but is doing great! I was bragging to the doctor how good he eats and he even eats better than Jake sometimes. Ben still isn't walking on his own but does cruise around the furniture. I was so spoiled with Jake. Ben is into everything and very daring! He tries to go up the stairs all the time and climbs onto the hearth. He also sticks everything in his mouth!! He even found a salt packet and was sucking on it. Hopefully he won't get high blood pressure like his mom, ha. He still calls most people Daddy except for Jake. He knows Jake for sure. It is so much fun to see them play together.

I really think Ben would have been a few inches taller if he had his crazy hair on the day of the checkup.

Potty Training: Take 2

I thought teaching was a stressful job. Potty training is definitely a tough and stressful task! We tried some last week, but Jake was so stubborn and did not want to wear underwear or even a pull up. He did however put his underwear on top of his head (see above picture). I even bought him Diego and Disney underwear, but he still wouldn't budge. He also would not tell me when he needed to go and I had to drag him to the potty half the time. So, I decided to take a little time off from it and started again yesterday. He did so good! I told him no more diapers and that he had to wear underwear. He only had one accident the whole day and that was in the morning right when we started. I took him to the potty every 30 minutes. He still has only told us a couple of times when he needs to go to the potty. We usually have to ask him or just take him, but we are getting there. Also, I can't believe that we will be celebrating Jake's 3rd birthday next month! Do you have any tips for successful potty training?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

This post if full of pictures and it's not even all of them. We had a great and busy Christmas day. We haven't quite figured out yet how to celebrate at our house and with my parents and visit my grandmother. So, Christmas morning we opened our presents from each other at our house, got ready and then headed to my parents' house. I don't think I have ever seen so many presents under my parents' tree. We ate turkey, dressing and lots of other delicious dishes there and then later went to visit my grandmother. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our tree

Jake and Ben in their wagon Santa brought

Ben with his play phone. Maybe he will stop calling my friends on mine now

Jake checking out Lee's electric toothbrush

Playing with the Diego and Dora Aquadoodle. This thing is so cool!

Mimi, Papa, Abby, and the boys in front of their tree

You should click on this pic. and check out all the presents.
They went a little overboard on gifts for Jake and Ben . I don't remember
having that many presents under there when I was little.

Jake with his Lightining McQueen suitcase, blanket, pillow and flashlight set.

Jake and Papa playing with the new train set

Ben loved grabbing the train

Papa showing Jake how to work his new Lighting McQueen fishing pole

Jake and his Elmo stocking

Ben sitting in the wagon that the lego blocks should be in

Visiting Maw Maw

After having Christmas at our house, then Mimi and Papa's we went to visit my Maw Maw. It feels so different going there and not seeing Paw Paw since my uncle Richard has been taking care of him at his house until he recently passed. My grandmother looked very nice in her Christmas clothes. We gave her some chocolates, since she loves candy. My cousin Chad's wife Sarah was here visiting from Thailand with two of their kids, so that was nice to get to see them too.

Me and Maw Maw

My mom and Maw Maw

Jake was exhausted in Papa's lap

Maw Maw and Ben

My cousins Chad and Sarah's daughter Chloe.
Jake loved her and he smilied from ear to ear whenever he saw her.

Me, Ben, and Maw Maw

My grandmother had this nativity scene in her yard along with tons of lights.
Jake tried to ride the camel.

Jake and Chad and Sarah's son Cooper by the snowman

Sunday, January 4, 2009

After Christmas celebration and Hannukah with Nana

Nana arrived the day after Christmas to visit and celebrate Hannukah. It was a nice visit and she even made us a tradional Jewish Hannukah dinner one night. We had beef brisket and latkes. It was delicious. We then opened our gifts to each other which, Jake really enjoyed getting more gifts after Christmas. Then on Saturday, we celebrated Christmas with my Granny and Paw Paw. This is my dad's mom and step father. We had a nice time seeing my cousins that I hardly ever see since we all live so far from each other. A few days later on the 29 of December, my grandfather passed away. This was very hard even though he lived longer than the doctors said he would. We were told he would only make it a few days or weeks and that was back in August. Many people can't say they still have their grandparents so I was very fortunate to have him for so long. He saw me graduate, get married and have children. His face lit up everytime he saw the boys. Even though the Alzheimers took his memory of us, he loved seeing and visiting with children. I was having a hard time uploading pictures for some reason so I will try and post more of them later. I think I also got these posts and some pics. a little out of order.

Nana and Ben playing in the floor

Ben rather sit on his present than open it

Again sitting on his present when he is suppose to be pushing it.
I think Ben thought it was Halloween with his hair horns.

Jake opening his gift from Nana

Jake playing with his magnetos from Nana

Jake at Granny's house checking out her presents and desserts

Jake playing in Granny and Paw Paw's yard

My cousin's daughter Shayla holding Ben

Jake got some blocks from granny. My cousin's children are in the background

My Granny and me