Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Catching up!

I was really behind on the blogging, so I adding several posts. Please scroll down to see them all. Hopefully I can get caught up more often! Here are several for now

Jake's last day of school party

Well, Jake finished pre-k and will be a kindergartener next year! Wow! I can't believe it! They had a outdoor pizza party. They played with water, hula hoops, balls, and bicycles. It was so much fun and Ben and I got to attend too!

Jake doing some bubble blowing

Playing in the water

Hula hooping!

Jake and his wonderful teacher Ms. Kassel

Cagle's Dairy Field Trip

Our school went on a field trip to Cagle's Dairy Farm. They have a huge bouncy thing to jump on, farm animals, and a hayride. It was very hot, but also very fun!

Ben jumping!

Checking out the goats

Ben posing

Muffins with Mom

We also had Muffins with Mom at my school. I love these little events they have at my school and so glad Ben and I get to do them together.

Me and my little muffin

Doughnuts with Dad

Mine and Ben's preschool had Doughnuts with Dad. Lee was able to come and it was very nice. We had a little breakfast, including doughnuts. Ben even gave his daddy a picture magnet of himself that he decorated.

Jake's field trip to the Nature Center

Jake's class went on a field trip to the Chattahooche Nature Center in May. I was so fortunate to be able to go with him even when it was cancelled twice. It was lots of fun. We walked around, had lunch there, and then were given a demonstration with some live animals.

HAving lunch

Using our senses on different objects

Jake with his class during a demonstration


This Easter, my cousin Chad and his family were visiting from Thailand, so we went to my aunts house and had a birthday party/Easter egg hunt and cookout! It was Chad's son and daughter's birthday recently, so we celebrated. The kids had a great time! I remember hunting eggs with my cousins when we were little at my grandmothers and now our kids are hunting. We also spent Easter at my Granny and Papa's house eating dinner. The boys decorated eggs at our house. They loved dyeing them and putting stickers on them.

Ben at his school with the Easter bunny

Dyeing eggs

Finished eggs

Jake and Ben's baskets

Granny and I

Ready for the egg hunt with cousins

Sarah, me, Wendy and Candice

Somchai and Amy's cutie Lex!

Cloe, Jake and Ben

Spring Break Destin

I have been very behind on blogging, so I thought I would try and catch up!

In April, we took a little trip during Spring Break. We thought we would head down to the most beautiful beaches ever in Destin, FL. The sand is so white and the water so blue! IT was gorgeous, but a little chilly too! We had a great time! The boys loved playing in the waves and swimming in the indoor/outdoor pool. We also went to a little carnival, a playground called Pirate Island, and we even fed alligators!

Beautiful beaches


Feeding the alligators

Jake playing on the beach

Playing at Pirate's Island

At the Carnival