Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our little Men

Ben is getting his first tooth. He is growing so fast. I think he weighs around 16, 17 pounds. He goes to the doctor next month. He is eating well. He has been rolling over from front to back for a while and finally tonight in his bed, he rolled over from back to front. I can't believe how fast things happen. I can see the top of his tooth and definitely feel it. It is on the bottom. Obviously, Ben has been eating lots of orange foods if you check out his nose.

Jake finally got his hair cut this past weekend. It looks so cute and he looks like a little man. I m sure it also feels better since it has been very warm out. We think he is going through the terrible twos. Everything we say, he says the opposite. (ex. I told him tonight it was time to get out of the bath. He said, "time not to get out of the bath") Pretty funny!


erin said...

you go girl!! finally!!

Amy: said...

Your blog looks great!

Lauren said...

great blog :)