Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yard Sale and the Unknown Comic

Last month we received a letter saying that our subdivision and the one next to us were going to have a community yard sale. I have been wanting to have one for a while now to get rid of some of the million toys and baby clothes we have, so we decided to do it! I was worried that I wouldn't get things together in time, but it really wasn't too bad.  Our DVDs seem to be the best seller, but I did sale lots of toys too.  Yeah!!  Overall we did pretty good and made $108 which will go to the stay at home mom fund.  

We actually brought out even more clothes to sell as the day went on.

Ben had fun hanging out

We tried to sell Jake, but no good offers were made.

I don't know if some of you are old enough to remember the Unknown Comic.  I believe he used to be on Saturday Night Live and my uncle used to imitate him too.  Well, one night we ate Chinese and Lee decided to place the bag on Jake's head. Then he took it off and made a hole so he could drink his juice.  Jake liked it and thought it was funny.


Cheryl said...

Yeah for yard sales!!!
Before we got married Steven and I had one over 2 weekends and we made over a thousand dollars!!! It was unbelievable!!!

Mary said...

I did have our picture taken.. it was just so hidious of me so I didn't post it! LOL!

Looks like your yard sale was a success. Nothing like making money off stuff you would just throw away anyway. Up here you have to apply for some sort of permit to have a yard sale and pay the city money.. it's so stupid.