Friday, July 17, 2009

Danger is my middle name!

Well, this past Monday Jake had a little accident. He was doing his usual holding onto the sofa arms and swinging like a monkey routine when all of a sudden, he fell on his face. At first I was relieved to see he just had a busted bottom lip, but then I looked closer and noticed one of his top middle teeth was pushed up into his gum. I am so glad my parents happened to be here or I would have been really freaked out! I called the pediatrician and they suggested and referred me to a dentist. Jake and I headed to the dentist a few hours later. He said that there was nothing to do, but it should come back down. He also suggested we see an oral surgeon to make sure Jake's jaw was okay from the fall. We did and everything was okay there too! Jake did so good at the dentist and this was his first time ever going. The dentist said that the tooth could become loose or discolored and may need to be pulled, but so far neither has happened. Thank goodness!

You can see his tooth on the left is up higher than the one on the right.

Here is Jake holding all his goodies the dentist gave him.


TheDPGang said...

Poor little Jake....What is it with those front teeth??? Anna Kate fell when she was 18 months and fractured her root...the dentist had to pull it. Hopefully it will not discolor on you...

Wendy said...

I would have been scared too! I am glad that everything turned out ok.