Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jake's 4 year checkup!

Jake had his 4 year checkup this afternoon. She said he looked great and that he is such a sweet boy. He is so laid back and sweet that he just sat there quietly while the doctor looked him over, gave him two shots, and pricked his finger to check his blood for anemia. We are so blessed to have such a well mannered little boy. Jake loves to play with his easel. He loves to paint, draw, and play with play doh! He loves playing outdoors and loves his school! He has always been such a great sleeper and eater. He will always try something new to eat! He is a little shy, but nce he warms up to you, he will talk your ear off! I have so enjoyed staying home with both my boys and it is great to be able to attend activities at Jake's preschool. I can't believe in a couple of years, I will have a kindergartener. Hopefully people won't think I am his grandmother by then. :)
4 year stats:
weight: 39 pounds (74th percentile)
height: 41.25 inches (70th percentile)

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