Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Fun and my mom!

As some of you may know, my mom fell on her knee a couple of months ago and it continued to hurt and swell even after being drained three times. So finally, they decided to send her to an Infectious Disease doctor where he has been treating her for an infection using IV antibiotics. THis past Wednesday she went in for her IV infusion and they decided to send her to the hospital to do exploratory surgery on her knee to make sure there was no other damage. It has been very frustrating since they can't seem to find out what kind of infection it is or even how she got it. She came home yesterday and will continue to get the IV antibiotics at home and physical therapy. Please continue to pray that she will recover soon and be able to get around on her leg. On a lighter note, Gina, Emma, and Jake came over on Friday and we had lunch and then made Valentine cupcakes. Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day today!!

with a little extra mix, we made a cake and I decorated it later!

The cupcakes

Jake putting his sprinkles on

Ben enjoying his cupcake

Jake and Emma eating theirs

Jake, Emma, and Jack

Jack eating his cupcake

Pregnant Gina eating one

Me and my Valentines

Ben wearing his Valentine shirt

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Amy said...

Cute cupcakes! I hope your mom feels better soon.