Monday, March 9, 2009

Here we grow again!

It was pretty busy last week. On Monday we had Jake's 3 year checkup. He weighed 33 pounds and was a little over 38" tall. She said he looked great! I was amazed at how grown up he was talking to the doctor and answering her questions. I know we talk to him all day everyday, but it was different when he talks to someone he doesn't usually talk to daily. She would ask him if he eats vegetables and what kinds. Jake told her peas and carrots. She also asked him if he liked fruit and what kind he eats. He told her he likes watermelon and cantaloupe. Potty training is going great!! (so far) We only had two accidents last week and none this weekend. So, I took the kids by myself to the doctor for Jake's appt. and after that experience I asked Lee to go for Ben's on Wednesday. Jake is great, but Ben is a handful! Come Wednesday, Lee said he needed to study for his test more so my mom offered to watch Jake while I took Ben to the doctor. I felt so sorry for the poor 8 month pregnant nurse that had to weigh Ben. He moved all around screaming and crying and did not want to be weighed! I told her I hope she didn't go into labor. Anyway, Ben weighed a whopping 21 pounds and was about 31" tall. She said he looked great too! He did fine while the doctor examined him. I was so lucky with Jake because he never really got into anything, but Ben is into everything!! We have to watch him like a hawk.

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