Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, I know our friends and family up north are going to laugh while seeing how excited we are here in the south about the snow we got today. YOu may get to see it a little too much, but I just love seeing some snow at least once a year. I did wear my Red Sox hat for you Northerners. Those weather men have teased us all winter long, but yes, today we finally got some snow today. It was coming down really hard for hours today. There were huge flakes and we even went out to play in it for a bit. Sorry Ben, you were napping, but you did get to look out the door at the snow falling when you woke up. Yeah, yeah, yeah!! What a great snow day!

THis was at the beginning of the snow fall so there wasn't that much sticking yet.

Pretty background

Me and Jake

Jake wanted to mow the grass in the snow

This is after it had been snowing for a several hours

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Madeline Deth said...

By Boston standards that is hardly snow. We are getting 12-15 inches from the same storm. The pictures are so cute and Jake looks even more like his dad with his new haircut. I can't believe he is three. Ben looks much bigger as well and still as cute.