Monday, December 21, 2009

Nana, Hanukkah, and a trip to the Aquarium

The weekend before this past, Nana came for a visit. On Friday we took a trip to the Aquarium. We had a great time, especially since the boys are a little older and enjoyed it even more than last time. Hanukkah started Friday night, so we lit the Menorah and opened a few presents. Saturday was pretty cold and rainy, so we just stayed in for the day and night. Nana gave Ben and Jake an easel. Jake loves to draw and color and has enjoyed thi gift very much! We had a great weekend with Nana!!

Nana and Jake at the Aquarium

Ben taking a rest


Ben loved the alligators and kept saying "Hey crocodile"

Having fun!

Ben walking past the tube. He and Jake kept walking
right past it instead of looking in it

A huge turtle

Jake playing with his easel

Ben in his smock

Ben and Nana

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