Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

On Sunday afternoon, the boys checked out what they got from the Easter bunny. I dressed Jake and Ben alike for the first time, I think, and I loved it! They looked so cute and I will definitely be buying more matching clothes in the future. Later that day, my parents, Nana and us went to brunch at Miltons. It was a beautiful day and the food was delicious, especially the dessert. After brunch, we went to visit my grandmother Maw Maw. She has not been feeling too well since my grandfather passed away in December, but we enjoyed getting to visit with her for a bit. We also had a short little visit with her last Wednesday.

Ben and Jake checking out their baskets

Nana helping Ben out

Mimi helping Jake with his bubble gun

Mimi and Papa also brought them baskets

Ben was into Maw Maw's candy

Posing with the bunnies in Maw Maw's yard

They enjoyed knocking over the bunnies too.

Jake is getting really heavy Nana

Ben and Papa

Dyeing Eggs!

After celebrating Daddy's birthday on Saturday, we decorated some Easter eggs. Jake had fun dunking or rather dropping the eggs into the dye. I think he loved putting the stickers on them even more. It gets more fun the older he gets. Ben was in bed and missed out this year, but next year he will get his turn too! Everytime Jake says cheese, he makes this silly face

Can you tell he is really concentrating on what he is doing?

Me and Jake with the finished eggs

Mimi and Jake coloring on the egg tablecloth

Happy Birthday Lee!

What a busy weekend! Nana came into town Friday night to help us celebrate Lee's 35th birthday on Saturday. We had a few friends over as well as my parents. Happy 35th Birthday Lee!!!!!!!!

I used the 3 from Jake's birthday along with 5 other individual candles

Nana and Jake relaxing on the sofa when Nana arrived on Friday

Opening gifts from my parents

The Red Sox were represented as well
Gifts from Nana

Ben says "No pictures please" with Papa

Emma and Jack helped us celebrate too

I love this picture of Jake and Emma.
They love each other so much,
and have so much fun everytime they are together.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hunting eggs with friends

Our friends LAura and Ben invited us over this weekend to have an Easter egg hunt. The kids had so much fun looking for eggs filled with candy and playing in the yard. Laura and Ben have an awesome backyard. It is so big and has lots of things to do in it for the kids. Ben grillled some chicken and burgers for us to eat and I made a little dessert treat for the kids. Thank you so much Laura for having us over. We had a great time!

Ben with an egg he found

Here are the Easter basket/nest treats I made for the kids. I saw it on my cousin Wendy's blog and decided to try it. They turned out pretty cute and the kids like them too!

Jake and his best friend Emma playing in the yard

Ben riding on the dinosaur

Jake and Emma hunting eggs. Jake was so funny. He would find some eggs at first and give them to Emma. He loves Emma!

Ben with an egg. This picture has a big shadow of me,
but I thought it looked kind of neat

Lee and I in Laura and Ben's beautiful yard.
I wish we had a yard this big for the boys to play in.

The kids dyeing eggs

Laura dyeing eggs with the kids.
They loved this and were so good while they were dyeing them.

Cousins from Texas

A few weeks ago, we went over to my cousin Candice's house for dinner and a visit with some cousins visiting from Texas. My cousin Tatum, her husband Tom, their son Cade and Tatum's mom Sandra came into town and we had a chance to see them. The kids had a blast playing together and it was great to see them even if it was a short visit. Cade is only a few months older than Ben. It was the first time we had meet him and boy was he cute!

Ben, Cole, Dylan, Cade, and Ben playing in the floor.

Dylan pulled out this giant snake at the
end of the night and kept hissing at Lee.

Cade, Dylan, Ben, and Cole taking a break

Cade and Ben