Monday, April 19, 2010

Lee's birthday and the Zoo

Last weekend was Lee's 36th birthday. Nana came for a visit, so on Saturday we went to the Atlanta Zoo. It was a beautiful day out and not too hot! Ben was in a stroller the last time we went so this time he was on the go. I thought we were going to see the zoo in 20 minutes if it was up to him. Jake had fun looking at all the animals with Nana. We went into the petting zoo and rode the train, which I believe was Ben's favorite. Unfortunately, my camera died right before the train ride. On Sunday we had my parents over to celebrate Lee's birthday with a cookout and ice cream cake. It was a great weekend!

Lions laying out

My little lion cub

These turtles were having a healthy lunch

Jake and Ben

Standing in big bird's nest

The Orangutans

Ben did pet all the animals,
but by the time I snapped a picture, he was off!

Mimi and Papa gave Lee some shorts and a shirt, and some grill towels to go with his new grill
the kids and I gave him
He also got a nice new cell phone from Nana

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