Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here we "snow" again?!!

What a crazy week to live in Georgia! Late Sunday night, we started getting snow and it snowed all night! The next morning we had about 5 to 6 inches. I know my northern friends are laughing, but for Georgia, that is a big deal! For some reason we still don't know how do deal with the snow/ice on roads. The stores become packed and even run out of items. It was a beautiful snow, but it has been 3 days at home now. We went out the first day and tried a couple of homemade sleds, but not much luck with that. We stayed in yesterday since it was sooooo cold! I did make some snow ice cream, which was delicious. I don't think we have had this much snow and this many day out of school/work since 1993. It iced over on Monday and Tuesday. The sun has finally come out today! so maybe this stuff will melt and not freeze over again. The temps. are still very low though.

Ben in a box

Outside our front door

Ben loves picking up the snow and throwing it. He then yells "snowball"

Jake and Lee trying out the diaper box sled.

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