Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Pink Pig!

If you grew up in Atlanta, then you have heard of The Pink Pig. It has been around since my parents were kids. I rode it when I was little. It used to be downtown and the ride was much different then. Now it is at Lenox Mall every Thanksgiving/Christmas time. This year we finally made it down to ride with the boys and my parents. It was the last day it would be there. It isn't really that great of a ride, but it is a tradition I wanted to start with Jake and Ben.

Jake with his ticket to ride

Lee, Papa, Jake, and a sleeping Ben in front of the sign telling the history of the Pig

This man is sitting in the ride. The pig behind him is the original ride.
I rode it as a child.

Priscilla the Pig

Waiting in line for a 2nd time

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