Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here we "snow" again?!!

What a crazy week to live in Georgia! Late Sunday night, we started getting snow and it snowed all night! The next morning we had about 5 to 6 inches. I know my northern friends are laughing, but for Georgia, that is a big deal! For some reason we still don't know how do deal with the snow/ice on roads. The stores become packed and even run out of items. It was a beautiful snow, but it has been 3 days at home now. We went out the first day and tried a couple of homemade sleds, but not much luck with that. We stayed in yesterday since it was sooooo cold! I did make some snow ice cream, which was delicious. I don't think we have had this much snow and this many day out of school/work since 1993. It iced over on Monday and Tuesday. The sun has finally come out today! so maybe this stuff will melt and not freeze over again. The temps. are still very low though.

Ben in a box

Outside our front door

Ben loves picking up the snow and throwing it. He then yells "snowball"

Jake and Lee trying out the diaper box sled.

The Pink Pig!

If you grew up in Atlanta, then you have heard of The Pink Pig. It has been around since my parents were kids. I rode it when I was little. It used to be downtown and the ride was much different then. Now it is at Lenox Mall every Thanksgiving/Christmas time. This year we finally made it down to ride with the boys and my parents. It was the last day it would be there. It isn't really that great of a ride, but it is a tradition I wanted to start with Jake and Ben.

Jake with his ticket to ride

Lee, Papa, Jake, and a sleeping Ben in front of the sign telling the history of the Pig

This man is sitting in the ride. The pig behind him is the original ride.
I rode it as a child.

Priscilla the Pig

Waiting in line for a 2nd time

Happy New Year 2011!

On New Years Eve, Mimi and Papa kept the boys while Lee and I went out to dinner. Lee's mom gave us a gift certificate for La Grotta. It was soooo good! I highly recommend it. Our dinner was on the late side and since it was 4 courses, we didn't get out of there until around 11:30. Then we just came home to catch the very end of Dick Clark's special on tv.

The restaurant gave us noise makers and these hats.
I knew the boys would love them!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Christmas

It snowed on Christmas day this year! The first time in over 100 years! It was beautiful, white, powdery snow! We went out and played for a bit the next day at Mimi and Papa's.

Christmas morning and day!

We had a wonderful Christmas day! First we had breakfast, then opened gifts, then headed to Mimi and Papa's to eat and spend the day, which turned into night since it snowed all day. It was beautiful!

Our tree

Checking out what Santa brought

Pillow pets!

Ben and his Thomas case

Jack the Elf enjoyed some cookies while we were sleeping

Santa ate some too!

Coloring utensils for the bath

Daddy got a toy too

Getting into the stockings

Little People cars for Ben

Jake at Mimi and Papa's posing as Santa


Thomas with remote

Jake got a camera and he loves it!

Thomas and Misty Island Rescue

Mimi and the boys

Jake also got a bowling set from Mimi and Papa

Christmas Program and party

Since we had some icy roads the week before Christmas and we missed a day of school, our preschool's Christmas program was postponed until Sunday. It was held before church services at the church I teach preschool. It was very cute! Then that next Wed., I went to Jake's class to help with the Christmas party there. They decorated a pinecone Christmas tree, made some foam decorations and had snack!

My little Shepherd

Ben and some of his class

Ben and his buddy Jackson

Some of my class and the 3 year olds

Jake and his pinecone tree he made

having a snack