Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Girls Night Out!

Last night I got together with some of my small group bible study friends. We ate some yummy Lasagna that Laura's husband Ben made, pizza, homemade cookies, salad, and my oreo balls. Then we chatted and exchanged ornaments. In the picture above is: Jen holding Erica's baby Blaire, Gina, Rose, Erin, Audrey, Laura, Melanie, Stacey, Rose's beautiful daughter Abby who is holding Matney, me and Erica on the floor. It was great to see everyone and catch up!

Here are the oreo balls I made. My friend Cheryl
mentioned them on her blog so I had to try them.

We were all so interested in Erin's new camera. Jen was checking it out!

Laura and Audrey in her hot mama pajamas!

Melanie and Stacey's little girl Matney

Gina, Erin, and Jen

Jen and Erica's little girl Blaire

Audrey, Laura, Melanie, and me

Here is Gina on her 4th ornament. Everyone kept stealing her ornaments.

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