Monday, December 1, 2008

The Boston Children's Museum

On Wednesday in Boston, we went to the Children's museum. It was very nice and the kids had a great time! There was a lot for Jake to do and even a little for Ben.

Jake making bubbles

Nana helping Jake make some bubbles.

Jake was racing golf balls in this neat roller coaster

Jake and Nana playing in the water.
They had ducks and boats you could move around
in the water by turning these wheels to move the jets.

Nana, me, Ben and Jake

I love Jake's face here. He is really concentrating on watching that water fountain.

Ben playing in the pretend pool with a very large duck.

Jake and Ben playing in the toy car.
You could even put gas in it and it made all these neat noises.
Ben doesn't know if his big brother is qualified to drive though.

Jake is cooking up some Thanksgiving dinner.

A view of Boston from the museum

This was a giant milk bottle outside the museum

This is how much fun Jake had at the museum

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Kaye said...

Hi its MIMI Looks Like Ya'll had a great time. You all were missed not being here for thanksgiving I know Jake had a great time at the Boston childrens museum! Even little ben looked like he was enjoying it also! I know Lee was glad to see and visit with his friends also. Nana looked wonderful, I bet she just couldn't keep her hands off the kids who can!