Monday, December 22, 2008

Dishwasher fun and more crazy hair

Every time I load or unload the dishwasher, Ben comes in the kitchen and plays with it. Well, last night he decided to not only play with it, he played in it! He climbed up onto the door and sat there just looking around and spinning the fan thing (not sure what it is called), but part of the machine. He of course got soaked while doing this, but it was really cute and funny. He is doing great! He still isn't walking, but as most of you know, Jake did not walk until almost 17 months old. He does walk around furniture while holding on. Ben is also saying lots of words. Here are a few: cheese, keys, cat, car, Jake, doggie, cup, tree, uh oh, backpack, thank you, please, and many more that I can't remember right now. We were also excited that he is saying Daddy, but he seems to call everyone that when you ask him who that is except for Jake. He does say Jake when we point to Jake.

This is fun!

You can see his knee is already wet.

Uh oh, how do I get down from here?

Here are more crazy hair pics. It literally looks like this when he wakes up!

Little Einstein



Cheryl said...

Caleb loves the dishwasher too! Now he's big enough to hand me the silverware (not the sharp things)so I can put it away!

The Rice's said...

Teh hair is crazy!! I love it!! The lights were at Life University in Marietta!

jesster said...

that's awesome, merry xmas, happy n.y.

The Hunter Family said...

I LOVE his hair!! He and Cade both have a ton of hair!