Monday, January 5, 2009

Visiting Maw Maw

After having Christmas at our house, then Mimi and Papa's we went to visit my Maw Maw. It feels so different going there and not seeing Paw Paw since my uncle Richard has been taking care of him at his house until he recently passed. My grandmother looked very nice in her Christmas clothes. We gave her some chocolates, since she loves candy. My cousin Chad's wife Sarah was here visiting from Thailand with two of their kids, so that was nice to get to see them too.

Me and Maw Maw

My mom and Maw Maw

Jake was exhausted in Papa's lap

Maw Maw and Ben

My cousins Chad and Sarah's daughter Chloe.
Jake loved her and he smilied from ear to ear whenever he saw her.

Me, Ben, and Maw Maw

My grandmother had this nativity scene in her yard along with tons of lights.
Jake tried to ride the camel.

Jake and Chad and Sarah's son Cooper by the snowman

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