Tuesday, January 20, 2009

15 or rather 16 1/2 month checkup

We had Ben's 15 month checkup last week. He was about 16 1/2 months at the time because I seemed to forget they have a 15 month checkup. I was thinking we had until 18 months. Oh well! Anyway, she said he looked great. He weighed in at a whopping 19.7 and he was a little over 30 inches long. He was in the 29th percentile for height and 1 percentile for weight. He is still little, but is doing great! I was bragging to the doctor how good he eats and he even eats better than Jake sometimes. Ben still isn't walking on his own but does cruise around the furniture. I was so spoiled with Jake. Ben is into everything and very daring! He tries to go up the stairs all the time and climbs onto the hearth. He also sticks everything in his mouth!! He even found a salt packet and was sucking on it. Hopefully he won't get high blood pressure like his mom, ha. He still calls most people Daddy except for Jake. He knows Jake for sure. It is so much fun to see them play together.

I really think Ben would have been a few inches taller if he had his crazy hair on the day of the checkup.

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The Hunter Family said...

Ben and Cade are about the same size. Cade is 20 months and is around 21/22 pounds and 32". They were both so little when they were born...but will eventually catch up! Love his crazy hair!