Sunday, January 4, 2009

After Christmas celebration and Hannukah with Nana

Nana arrived the day after Christmas to visit and celebrate Hannukah. It was a nice visit and she even made us a tradional Jewish Hannukah dinner one night. We had beef brisket and latkes. It was delicious. We then opened our gifts to each other which, Jake really enjoyed getting more gifts after Christmas. Then on Saturday, we celebrated Christmas with my Granny and Paw Paw. This is my dad's mom and step father. We had a nice time seeing my cousins that I hardly ever see since we all live so far from each other. A few days later on the 29 of December, my grandfather passed away. This was very hard even though he lived longer than the doctors said he would. We were told he would only make it a few days or weeks and that was back in August. Many people can't say they still have their grandparents so I was very fortunate to have him for so long. He saw me graduate, get married and have children. His face lit up everytime he saw the boys. Even though the Alzheimers took his memory of us, he loved seeing and visiting with children. I was having a hard time uploading pictures for some reason so I will try and post more of them later. I think I also got these posts and some pics. a little out of order.

Nana and Ben playing in the floor

Ben rather sit on his present than open it

Again sitting on his present when he is suppose to be pushing it.
I think Ben thought it was Halloween with his hair horns.

Jake opening his gift from Nana

Jake playing with his magnetos from Nana

Jake at Granny's house checking out her presents and desserts

Jake playing in Granny and Paw Paw's yard

My cousin's daughter Shayla holding Ben

Jake got some blocks from granny. My cousin's children are in the background

My Granny and me

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