Thursday, May 14, 2009


After visiting with my grandmothers on Mother's Day, we headed back to my parent's house for Jake and Ben's to do some 4 wheelin. A man that works with my dad was having a yard sale and gave my dad some things he was going to sell. He gave my dad this adorable motorized Jeep. It wasn't working so my dad took it to this place to have it repaired. Well, something had been recalled on it, so the man repaired it for free! Jake and Ben had a great time riding it. Check out the video below too! Now I can say that both my kids and I have driven a Jeep!

Jake and Daddy

Papa strapping Ben into the Jeep

If you click on this picture and the one below, you can see Ben with his hand up at his ear. There is a pretend CB radio in the Jeep and he talked on it continuously as if it were a phone. It was hilarious!

Ben is still talking on the CB

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