Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Chattanooga Wedding!

Last weekend a sorority sister of mine got married in Chattanooga, TN, so Lee and I drove up early Saturday afternoon to get checked into our hotel and get ready for the night. It was a beautiful wedding and some of us went out in downtown Chattanooga after the reception. The next day, Lee and I headed up to Lookout Mountain. It was very rainy and really foggy, so we really didn't get to see much from the top of the mountain.

The bride Miranda and I

Bride and groom

Mary and her husband Rick. We had a great time hanging out with them at the reception and afterwards.

Sorority sisters

Kristin and Greg

Miranda and Marcus leaving

This was the view from Lookout mountain. You can see a little bit of the incline railway, but that is about it

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