Thursday, January 7, 2010

My little Picasso!

I have been telling Jake we would paint on the easel Nana gave him one day while Ben was napping. Those of you that know Ben, know why this is. While Ben was taking a nap today and it was snowing outside, Jake did some painting. His preschool teacher told us he loves to paint! He had quite a few creative stories to go along with his paintings.

Working on the first masterpiece

He is pointing out that in this picture there is Mommy (the green),
Mommy's friend Gina (in the red), and Daddy is the blue.

Here is more of the same picture.
He also told me that I am a little girl in this picture
playing with little girl toys.


Gina and Bobby said...

So cute! I need to get one of those. Emma loves to draw. i am sure she would love to paint too

Anonymous said...

A genius! I knew it! What terrific paintings. Tell Jake to make one for me to hang up in my house the next time he paints! Nana

jesster said...

maybe a little more jackson pollack than picasso, but either way it is obvious that there is talent there.