Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cousin Dylan's Birthday!

A couple of weeks ago we went over to my cousin Candice's for her son Dylan's birthday. We had food, cake, and fun! After my grandparents both passed away last year, it is rare that I get to see my cousins. It always meant a lot to me to see my extended family, especially since I am the only child. It is important to me for Jake and Ben to know their cousins. Candice called and asked us to join them to celebrate Dylan's 4th birthday. He is the same age as Jake, so I really want them to know each other even though we live a little far. Dylan loves Transformers, so he had a Transformer cake and even received several for presents. Jake had a great time playing with all of Dylan and Cole's toys. He always enjoys seeing them! Happy Birthday Dylan and thank you for having us over to help you celebrate!

Dylan and his cake

Jake checking out the snacks

Opening presents

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