Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Pickin Time!

Last Saturday, we drove up to Blue Ridge and picked apples at Mercier Orchards. The traffic was terrible since the apple festival was going on in Ellijay, but we finally made it there and it was a beautiful drive. I don't remember ever picking apples before. It was a gorgeous day and lots of fun! Nana was here visiting too! We rode on the back of a tractor out to the orchards, picked our apples and rode back to the car. The market was extremely crowded so we didn't get to buy any apple pies, bread, or any other goodies. Nana did make an apple crumble on Sunday night and it was delicious! Jake will be taking apples to school for a while since we picked a "whole mess of apples"! :)

Waiting in line for the tractor to take us to the orchards

Nana and Jake on the tractor

Ben and I

Picking the apples

Ben and his apples

Jake carrying his bag of apples

Ben on the ride back

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