Friday, October 8, 2010

Liddell Family Reunion

A couple of my mom's cousins organized a Liddell Family Reunion. This is my grandmother's side of the family. There were many family members I haven't seen in a while and some I haven't even met before. It was great to get together for this rather than another funeral, which unfortunately seems to be the only time we see each other lately. We had great food, fun, and even a little family history lesson from my 2nd cousin Mike Green. It was so interesting to hear the different stories about the Liddell family.

Me, my mom and dad, Jake and Ben

This is my great aunt Charlotte and uncle Bill, her son Mike,
his wife Mary and their son Evan
Charlotte is my grandmother's younger sister

My mom and my uncle Richard

Aunt Charlotte and Jake and Ben. She looks just like my grandmother.

Jake, Ben and their cousin Dylan
He and Jake are the same age

On the way home we went to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.
Here is my mom and Ben by their site. My mom and aunt made their fall flowers. It is hard to believe they have been gone almost 2 years. We miss them so much!

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