Monday, November 3, 2008

Ghosts, Ghouls, Fishermen, and Pooh!

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and received many treats and few tricks. Jake had the best time this year. He really understood what was going on and even said "trick or treat" when we went to each house. After he got his candy, he would ask if we were going to get more. At first, he wouldn't take the candy if they offered it, but wait until they gave it to him. He then got the hang of it real quick and began to pick out his candy. My parents came over and we took turns going around with the kids and staying at home waiting on trick or treaters to arrive. They brought along a giant pumpkin that has a hole in the bottom so you could put it on your head. Of course my dad and Lee had tons of fun with this and even wore it around while we took Jake trick or treating. Jake got lots of candy, even a chocolate covered prune. Yuck! My dad ate it and said it wasn't too bad. One lady gave it out along with lots of candy with foreign writing. I missed this house so I don't know where she is from, but Lee said she gave them a ton of it. I love Halloween and I am sad it is over. Oh well, there is always next year.

Jake the fisherman, Ben as Pooh, me, and Lee as pumpkin head man.

He even had a pole with fish attached.

Here we are before trick or treating

Outside the house waiting to go get candy

Me wearing the giant pumpkin head

My parents posing with the boys and that pumpkin head again

Walking down the street trick or treating

Ben had a piece of candy which is all over his mouth

My mom

Papa and Ben relaxing after the trick or treating

Jake's stash of candy


Mary said...

Susan - they are so cute!!!

The Hunter Family said...

So we are not the only ones who gave chocolate to our toddlers LOL. I feel so much better :) They are precious!