Monday, November 10, 2008

Having a beary good time at Emma's party!

Yesterday we celebrated Jake's best friend Emma's 3rd birthday at Build A Bear Workshop. This place is so cute! They pick out a bear and make it. Unfortunately, Jake did not take his nap that day so he wasn't too thrilled with the bear. He picked one out, but refused to hold it and make it most of the time. We then went upstairs to eat pizza and cake and ride the carousel or as I used to call it the merry go round. It was such a fun day! Thank you Emma for inviting us and we hope you had a Beary Happy Birthday!

Emma and her daddy

Emma giving Jake one of her hearts that goes inside the bears.

Jake got to step on the pedal that made the machine start stuffing his bear.

Here are Austin, Jake and Emma washing their bears.

Here they are sitting with their bears

Jake carrying is bear in a box

Jake, Jack, and Emma sitting in these cute cars
you can buy for your bears.

Me and Jake riding the carousel.

Emma and her princess cake her mommy made for her

Jake and his friend Paige checking out the cake

Travis and baby Brodie eating cake.
Actually, Brodie was eating the plate.

Jake, Jessie, and Austin

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The Rice's said...

Great to see you guys! Brad and I had fun chatting with you! Hope to see you again soon!