Monday, November 10, 2008

Visiting with Grandparents!

On Friday the kids and I went to visit my grandfather. He has been staying at my Uncle Richard and Aunt Sandy's house so that they can help take care of him since he has been sick. They told us that he only had a few days or weeks and that was a little over two months ago. We are very lucky to still have him. He looked good, but very frail. He loves seeing children and enjoyed watching the kids chase Richard's cat around their house and play in the floor with some toys. Jake talked to Paw Paw a little and he said "hey buddy" to Jake. It was so sweet. Paw Paw also grabbed my hand and held it for a few minutes while we visited. I got to take a couple of pictures of Jake and I with him, but Ben was getting a little fussy and would have nothing to do with it.

Then on Saturday my dad, myself and the kids went to see my Granny and other Paw Paw. This is my dad's mom and stepfather. We had a great time seeing them since we have not seen them in a while. Unfortunately, Ben is not too fond of people he doesn't know well and he was reluctant to let Granny hold him. He warmed up to her a bit later. The kids had fun playing with all of Granny's toys and she gave Jake a little hand held radio and Ben a play ATV for his birthday. Jake rode with Papa on the way there and back. He listened to his radio on the way back while bobbing his head around to the beat, at least until he fell asleep.

Jake saying chesse with Granny

Ben on his ATV Granny gave him

Ben playing in the floor

Jake loved playing with these giant lego blocks.
He played with them for at least an hour.

Granny and Ben with his crazy hair

Ben finally let Granny hold him without any screaming.
They had fun doing patty cake.

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The Hunter Family said...

Ben sure does have some "crazyyyy hair!" Had he had a hair cut yet? Cade has had to have a few...his hair gets SHAGGY! Uncle Russell does look frail. You guys are in my prayers. We're thinking of you.