Monday, November 17, 2008

Santa's Visit

For the last 3 years, we have gone to my cousin Candice's house to see Santa. He makes an early special trip to check in on some boys and girls. We had some great food, pictures with Santa, and even an early Christmas gift. It was a "pajamas optional" theme. Although, I think my invitation was the only one that said this since we were the only ones that showed up in our pjs, except for 2 others and some kids. We all had a great time!

Jake with Santa

Jake opening his gift from Santa

Santa talking to all the kids

Mimi and Ben

Ben opening his present

Jake got a remote control Thomas the train

Ben found a snowman to play with

This is Dah with Ben. I am not sure how to spell her name, but she is my uncle's niece from Thailand and is living here to go to school.

Candice and her son Dylan with me and Jake. Jake and Dylan are only 2 months apart in age.


Amy said...

How fun is that!!! I can't wait to see how Emma reacts to Santa this year. He comes to our neighborhood clubhouse every year.

Gina and Bobby said...

Very cute! I love your new background! Can you bring your best friend next year??

Spice said...

Great pics Susan and a great idea!