Sunday, June 28, 2009

Owen's Fire Station Birthday Party!

My sorority sister from college Ashlee invited us to her son Owen's 3rd birthday party. It started out at the Forsyth County Fire Station. The Firefighters took us on a tour of the fire station and then we went outside to check out the fire engine and all the neat gadgets. Jake was so excited to go, but when we got there he was being a little shy at first. After the fire station visit, we headed back to Owen's house for pizza, cake, and presents. The boys also had a great time in Owen's play room at his house.

THe firefighter showing us the fire engine

Jake sitting in the fire engine

Owen trying on the firefighter's hat

Daddy and Jake climbing inside

They also gave the kids hats and coloring books

Owen blowing out his candles

Owen and his cake

This cake was so cute and yummy!

Ben and Jake stayed in the play room the whole time and didn't even come out to enjoy cake.

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Mary said...

Cute!!! What a great idea! Is her hubby a firemen? My dad is a retired fire chief so I love it! I'll have to suggest to my sis for her little boy!