Sunday, November 1, 2009

Making Spiders and trick or treating!

Halloween is my favorite holiday ever! It was a yucky, rainy day this year, so first off Jake and I made oreo spiders. I then also made Mummy hot dogs. They were so cute and delicious! Later in the day, we got dressed in our costumes and headed out in the drizzle to trick or treat. Jake loved getting candy this year and Ben understood it a little more this time around. I couldn't believe Ben kept his costume and hat on for as long as he did. He almost didn't want to take it off. My parents came over so we could go around with the boys trick or treating while they waited at our house for kids. My dad also carried Ben around to some houses. It got pretty cold, so we came back a little earlier, but they got tons of candy! No chocolate covered prunes this year!

Jake making his spiders

Jake with one of his spiders

spiders and mummy dogs

Ben eating his spider

Ben as a racecar driver. This was Jake's


Buzz and Racecar Driver

Ben kissing one of Octomom's babies

Our front door

To get candy and beyond!

The whole family

Jake's loot

Ben's loot

Pumpkinhead Man made an appearance again this year

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