Sunday, June 28, 2009

Owen's Fire Station Birthday Party!

My sorority sister from college Ashlee invited us to her son Owen's 3rd birthday party. It started out at the Forsyth County Fire Station. The Firefighters took us on a tour of the fire station and then we went outside to check out the fire engine and all the neat gadgets. Jake was so excited to go, but when we got there he was being a little shy at first. After the fire station visit, we headed back to Owen's house for pizza, cake, and presents. The boys also had a great time in Owen's play room at his house.

THe firefighter showing us the fire engine

Jake sitting in the fire engine

Owen trying on the firefighter's hat

Daddy and Jake climbing inside

They also gave the kids hats and coloring books

Owen blowing out his candles

Owen and his cake

This cake was so cute and yummy!

Ben and Jake stayed in the play room the whole time and didn't even come out to enjoy cake.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary! (late)

Happy Anniversary to us!! This is a little late since our 5 year anniversary was on June 5th. I have read a few of my friends' blogs and they have posted about their anniversaries. We haven't really celebrated yet due to my grandmother's poor health and then passing. Unfortunately, the only babysitters we use are my parents. (a little scared to leave Ben with anyone other than family) I can't believe it has been five years. It has been great and always an adventure!! Happy anniversary Lee! and sorry this is so late!!

The beautiful flowers my mom and aunt made for the tables

My grandparents
Now I only have two living grandparents.
I thought this was a great picture of them all!

Bobby, Gina, Lee and I at the wonderful rehearsal dinner

The view from our room in St. Thomas where we spent our honeymoon.
It was beautiful and we would love to go back one day

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't take my ice cream cone!

While Lee was at class tonight, the boys and I went to Dairy Queen for an ice cream. I put some of the cone in a cup for Jake and gave the cone to Ben. Ben ate some in the car, but I think he got tired, so he stopped eating it. When we got home, I tried to get it away from him, but he wouldn't have it. Even though he wasn't eating it anymore, he wanted to hold it. My camera is on the fritz, so I haven't posted in a while. but caught this on Lee's camera.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sleeping with a flashlight?

Today I watched Emma and Jack while Gina took Joshua to his 2 month appointment. The kids had a blast playing together. When Gina was finished, we took the kids our for lunch and they played even more. Ben was exhasted, but didn't lay down until almost 3, which is late for him. I laid Jake down around 3:15 and he kept getting out of his bed. I checked on him again about 30 minutes later and here is what I found:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mom's birthday!

Last Monday was my mom's birthday. We celebrated and grilled out at our house. Jake told me I needed to put up Mimi's birthday decorations. Everything has been pretty crazy lately with my grandmother being in the hospital so it was nice to be able to take some time to celebrate! Happy Birthday mom!!

Jake and Ben helping Mimi blow out the candles

Later Papa read a story to Jake

Playing with friends!

One day last week, we visited my friends Jeanette and Kristie and their kids. We all went over to Jeanette's house, ate pizza, and played. Jeanette has a huge backyard with a really nice playset, trampoline and lots of motorized cars. I guess she has to have two of everything since she has twins and another young boy. They also have a playroom with lots of toys. I didn't think I would ever get Jake and Ben out of there. Her twins are two and a half and her youngest boy is about 14 months. It was so hot outside that we only stayed out there for about 30 minutes. Jake loved the trampoline. He has never been on one and I wish I would have gotten a picture. My friend Kristie also came over and brought two of her three girls to play with all of our boys. It was fun day!

One of the twins playing with Ben. I think this one is Cole.

This is Kristie's youngest daughter Emily with Ben

Jake not wanting to have his picture taken

Kristie's daughter Meredith with Emily and Cole. I don't think I have any pictures of Hunter, but he and Cole look exactly alike.

Cole again

This is Jeanette's youngest Tanner. He is only a year old and look how big he is! He is so cute!

Kay's retirement!

One of the ladies I taught 5th grade with for the 8 years I was there, retired this year. There was retirement party for Kay last weekend. It was in the gym of the school I taught in and where I attended school myself. Kay is like my second mother. She helped me so much in teaching and in my personal life. I will cherish the time we worked together and hope she gets to do many fun and exciting things now that she has more time. Kay is the one in the middle of the picture above. Amy is another teacher I taught with before I left. She also left the school and moved to Atlanta and is now teaching there. She is a wonderful teacher and friend. I miss them so much and look forward to seeing them more this summer. It was great seeing many of my former co-workers. Some of them won't have a job next year with all the cut backs and class size increase. It is so sad that many great teachers are out of jobs!

Jake went to the party with me while Daddy and Ben stayed home. Everyone loved seeing Jake and he was quite entertaining. When I told Jake we were going to a party for Ms. Kay, he kept asking me if they were going to have goodie bags there. Happy retirement Kay!!

Here is the principal and Kay saying a few words

Kay and her husband Ray. He has been retired for a few years now.