Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Red Sox and Braves!

I took these last week and since we are going to Boston for my sister in law's wedding this weekend, I wanted to post them. Jake and Ben are wearing their Red Sox attire that Nana gave them. I couldn't believe I got Jake to look at the camera and actually smile. Of course Ben always looks and smiles, at least for now. We love watching baseball. My husband is from Boston so we watch the Red Sox quite often. I know, I know, what about the braves? I do have Braves outfits for the boys too. I just bought Jake another Braves outfit this year. We are hoping to go to a Rome Braves game soon and hopefully an Atlanta Braves game too. I used to go Braves games when I was little. We would sit near the dugout and my dad would try to get me to go down and get autographs before the game. I was shy, so I wouldn't do it unless he came with me. My dad still picks on me today about not asking the players myself. I would make him do it. Go Braves! and Red Sox.

Today is also our 4th wedding anniversary. We don't have any big plans. I think we will have too much to do with packing for our trip tomorrow. Please pray we have a safe flight. Those of you that don't know, I am terrified of flying. No matter how much I do it, I still get very nervous, mostly during the take off. This will also be the first time we are flying with 2 babies. I think we will take the portable DVD player and maybe Jake will watch his favorite movie Cars. I have been telling him that we are going on an airplane to see Nana and Aunt Sarah. I know they say that it is good to have babies suck on a pacifier or bottle during the take off for little ones' ears. I can not get Ben to take a pacifier so hopefully he will do okay too.

Okay, here are the Braves ones. I took a good one of Jake by himself, but I couldn't get it turned vertically. Oh well, I will try again late. Aren't they cute? You can tell Ben has been eating those orange veggies.


Lisa said...

Perry had a Red Sox outfit exactly like Ben's when he was a baby! I have pics of him in it when he was about 4 months old or so. Too cute! My hubby is from New Hampshire - about an hour from Boston. Huge Red Sox fan (as you may have guessed from the Big Papi reference). We should definitely get together. Our husband's would get along for sure.
Have fun in Boston! We're going to the Braves' game tonight. My little sports fan is quite excited!

Amy: said...

Happy Anniversary! Have fun in Boston! Take the DVD was awesome having it on the plane when we flew to Orlando!

Jared & Stacey said...

Those are sure cute boys!
How did the trip go??? Any pics of you in that awesome dress???