Sunday, July 27, 2008

The bath, pool, and talking on the phone

Today we went to the neighborhood pool with the boys. They had a great time and of course Jake didn't want to get out. Here are a few pics. I took and down below is a little video. We all had a great time today at the pool.

On another note: Good luck with the school year all you fellow teachers that have to return to work tomorrow. I get a little nostalgic this time of year. I do love and miss teaching, but I really needed a break from it and love being home with Ben and Jake to watch them grow and learn.
Jake is talking all the time and I may be bias, but I think he is becoming a genius. One morning we were in the drive thru of Dunkin Donuts and we pulled up to the window where Jake said he smelled coffee. He then asked me if I was getting coffee. It was pretty funny. Ben is getting in another tooth on the bottom along with the two on the top. Poor little guy is getting 3 teeth at once. He will have 5 teeth!

Ben is ready to go!

Getting ready to go out the door to the pool. I can't believe Jake actually smiled and looked at the camera. I think it helps when we take pictures of Ben, then Jake says "take one of me"
Notice their matching bathing suits

Jake used this float when he was only about 5 months old.

Jake in the pool

I was talking to Gina on the phone tonight and Emma got on the phone to chat. Then Jake decided he wanted to talk to his girlfriend Emma.

Lately I have been giving Jake and Ben their baths together. Jake loves taking baths with Ben and Ben loves the big bath and water. Here is a short little video (G rated) of the two taking a bath. Sorry for the bad color.


Tatum said...

I love the video! I wish Cade loved bath time as much as Jake and Ben! They are too cute! I didn't know you were staying at home with the boys! That is wonderful! Hopefully, I will be as well very soon :)

Amy: said...

Just wait until the boys start telling Lee about all the stores you shopped at that day! Ha! The girls tell on me all the time!