Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Using Pampers does have rewards

Finally! I have been putting in the pampers' codes online to collect points. I finally decided to use some of them and get this Blockbuster Night Card. The card is for two free movie rentals, two 20 oz. drinks, and a tub of microwave popcorn. Yeah! It's funny what gets me so excited now. Even though I spent far more money on pampers than this card is worth, it's still a nice gift and Jake gets to enjoy the pampers box too!

This is Jake's reward. Jake had fun playing in the diaper box. He loves to do this. He also hides bear and other toys in it and then asks me were they are. He then tells me they are in the box.

Bear joined the fun too! Jake says that bear is going to make cookies in his house. His house being the pampers box.

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Amy: said...

I need to start doing that! I'd hate to know how much money I've actually spent on diapers!