Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reminiscing with an old friend and making some new ones!

Today was a fun day! Jake, Ben and I went to visit with one of my dear friends and sorority sister from college. I haven't seen Ashlee in a while, but it seemed like old times. Ashlee lives in Cumming, but used to actually live just a few miles from us a few months ago and we never even knew. What a small world! We caught up while Jake and her adorable son Owen played together. Owen just turned 2 at the end of June, so he and Jake are only a few months apart. Then Ashlee made us all lunch and we continued to catch up. Ben got a little fussy and tired so we headed out after a couple of hours. Thanks for a great day Ashlee and I can't wait to get together again.
Ashlee with Owen and Jake. Owen is so sweet. He was putting his hand on Jake's back.

Owen and Jake having fun in the play room

Jake loved playing with the Lightning McQueen race track

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Cheryl said...

Ok, remind me who Ashlee is. Her picture didn't look familiar.