Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Georgia Aquarium

Lee's sister Sarah drove down from Minnesota to visit us this week. Yesterday we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was also our first time there and I was very impressed. It was so nice and the fish were amazing! I made the color different on the picture below using to make it really bright. I thought it looked pretty neat with the colors.
The Family

Aunt Sarah and Jake coloring

Jake pointing out another fish

Sarah and Jake looking at the fish and Rays

You can't see much in this picture, but there is a funny story. Jake was touching the starfish and once he was finished, he decided to get the others looking on a little wet by splashing them. The onlookers were not too thrilled and some didn't even grin. We received some very dirty looks from one man so we walked away and laughed.

The Beluga whales were awesome! There were so interesting to watch. When they swam it seemed like they were dancing.
I love this picture. It looks like the whale came over behind Lee to pose with him.


Mary said...

Hey Susan!!! Your kids are so cute!!!! I'll be checking out your blog often. Mary D.

Amy: said...

I love going there! That huge tank is amazing!