Tuesday, August 19, 2008

St. Simon's Island Vacation redo

Well the photobucket slideshow worked for about a second so I just decided to go ahead put the pictures on here this way. I am too frustrated to try the slideshow thing again for now. We had a great time on our vacation, but it did fly by. We drove down and met Nana in St. Simons and stayed in a cute little house that had its' own pool. We were only minutes from the beach and enjoyed it quite a few times. Ben didn't really care for it the first time and screamed and cried the whole time so that trip to the beach lasted a whopping 30 minutes. We went again another day after it rained all morning and it started to rain again right when we parked at the beach, so we returned to the house. We then had a great day at the beach on Friday afternoon. We also swam in the pool several times. Jake and Ben loved the water. We will need to get them into some swimming lessons next year. Enjoy the pictures!

This is how Ben felt about being on the beach for the first time

Relaxing on the deck

Nana and Jake playing with the fun noodle or as Jake calls it, the fun doodle.

Laying out

This hawk enjoyed the backyard of the house where we stayed.

I can't see! For some reason, Jake liked wearing his hat over his eyes.

Jake and Ben playing on the beach!


Cheryl said...

photobucket drives me absolutely insane too!!!!!
Great pics, looks like you've discovered picnik!
Caleb didn't care for the beach too much this year either. But he better get used to it cause Mommy loves it!

Lisa said...

I love the family picture with the sun setting. Y'all are beautiful! Glad you had a great time! LOVE the beach!

Amy: said...

I really miss the beach! Cute pictures!